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How Dysh became a Sheffield gluten-free dining hotspot

Diners from across South Yorkshire have been coming to Dysh to try our menu recently.

Of course the food is delicious but there’s also another bespoke reason for that,

Almost every single item on the menu is gluten free or is available gluten free, a fact we are very proud of.

With more and more of the population needing to follow a gluten-free diet, word has spread. Now people are travelling from far and wide to taste our potato tots based lunches (all gluten-free as standard with vegan options) and decadent GF cakes.

Some of these customers are driving miles across the county after seeing recommendations online for Dysh.

For many people it means they can eat out easily without having to have a separate menu from the rest of their party.

The issue is close to our hearts as the sister of our Michelin-trained head chef, Alice, is

Gluten Free. When she revealed how much of a difference the array of choices at Dysh made to her life, we decided to go gluten free to the max!

After all, if it tastes just as good without the gluten, why make it with?

There are only three items on our main menu which cannot be adapted to a gluten-free diet. For that very important reason we do advise people that our kitchen may contain traces of gluten, but be reassured we bake our cakes separately, use different utensils and take all the precautions that are possible.

What are your favourite GF dishes at Dysh? We’d love to see your pictures, tag us on

Instagram @dyshsheffield.

We also offer gluten free afternoon teas - see the menu here.

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